Activision provides important update on Control mode in CoD: Mobile

The mode will be added to all esports maps using the private lobby feature soon.

Screengrab via Activision

Earlier this month, Activision revealed that the Control mode is replacing Domination in the esports pool for the Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship 2022. This decision came as a surprise to players as the Control mode isn’t available in ranked or public lobbies.

Today, the developer provided an important update on the state of the Control mode to clear the confusion of players participating in the World Championship. Activision said that it’s currently working on optimizing the mode for the championship and had taken community feedback along with notes from other versions of the game into consideration.

The development said that it planned to add Control in the later stages of the championship to all esports maps, but only through the private lobby feature. The map pool in the 2022 World Championship includes Summit, Standoff, Take-Off, Raid, Firing Range, Slums, and Hacienda.

Explaining its decision to replace Domination with Control, Activision said that this was done as the mode “stands out further” and provides “more heart-pounding action.”

Control was first added to CoD: Mobile in season 10, 2021 last November. The mode is a combination of Domination and Search & Destroy. In this, the two teams are assigned an offensive or defensive role. The offensive has to capture two points on the map while the defensive has to make sure that this doesn’t happen before the time runs out. The mode also has a limited number of revives.

Thus, Control is a more tactical and strategic mode than Hardpoint which is why Activision has decided to add it to the esports pool. The company also said that more announcements and updates on esports settings will be revealed soon.