Best Pokémon UNITE champions: Ranked tier list

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Pokémon UNITE, The Pokémon Company’s first MOBA game, launched in July 2021 and has also been available for iOS and Android devices since September 2021. There are over 30 playable characters available at the moment, but that doesn’t mean all of them are viable picks in ranked play.

Some champions in Pokémon UNITE are far stronger than others and do a better job overall. That doesn’t mean you can’t pick a Pokémon we’ve put in the C or D-tier and outplay other players, but it will for certain require more individual skill and a deep understanding of the character’s strengths and flaws.

This tier list was made after the addition of All-Rounder Azumarill to the champions’ pool on April 7. We analyzed data from professional games, while also considering if the pros’ picks make sense in solo queue matches.

Here’s our Pokémon UNITE ranked tier list.

Explaining the tiers


This is where the Pokémon that are on top of UNITE’s meta will be. These Pokémon do a superb job, whether it’s dealing damage, tanking, or supporting. Some of them, like Cinderace, have skills that many players consider broken and could be patched down the road.


The Pokémon in here aren’t the best, but they’re more than solid choices for ranked. The characters in this tier can play better than some of the S-tier picks if you have a good understanding of how to use them and how the game should be played. Greedent is a perfect example of this. In the hands of someone new, it likely won’t make much of an impact. But in the hands of an experienced player, Greedent can quite easily take over matches.


The Pokémon in this tier aren’t overpowered nor need to be buffed, necessarily. They’re not a troll pick by any means, it’s just that there are some characters that are better or easier to use. Some of them, like Slowbro, are more suited for team-oriented matches rather than solo queue, where you can’t have the same impact.


These Pokémon could use some love from the developers. Some of them were great once but fell off due to nerfs or the release of new champions that perform better in the meta. Others, like Mamoswine, already have been buffed but still aren’t up to par yet, at least for solo queue. They’re not unplayable, but you may experience some frustration in ranked.


The D-tier features the few champions that are in need of a serious rework to be good enough in UNITE’s ranked play. They don’t excel in any aspect of the game and the options listed above them can do everything these Pokémon do but better.

The actual tier list

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This tier list will be updated whenever a new balance patch is released or a new champion is added to the game.

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