Siege’s Year 7 will introduce Ranked 2.0 with improved progression and extra rewards

Ranked should be a better experience with this future update.

Image via Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege players can expect a significant overhaul to the ranked playlist later this year, transforming it into an actual progression system with more rewards along the way.

Siege’s ranked playlist is one of its most popular modes for good reason. Players can use their expertise with operators to dominate similarly skilled opponents in intense ranked matches. Climbing the ranks with friends or solo can be a rewarding experience, and an update that improves the competitive environment is always welcome. Year Seven season three will substantially change the ranked playlist, transforming it into Ranked 2.0. 

The Siege developers are unhappy with the ranked playlist since it is not a true progression system. The updates will require all players to start in Copper and work their way through each rank. Each rank will be 100 points away from each other, and players receive a reward each time they progress to a higher rank. 

Ranked 2.0 is expected to launch in Year Seven, season three. The release date could change if the developers need more time to successfully implement the new system, but fans can rest easy knowing a significant update to ranked is on the horizon. 

Year Seven is also adding four new operators, two new maps, new casual game modes, and a slew of other updates. Season one will introduce the new defender Azami and the Team Deathmatch game mode. Fans can take a look at the Year Seven roadmap to see all of the upcoming changes.

\Year Seven is starting with Demon Veil on Feb. 21.