Siege’s Year 7 will introduce reworks to Goyo, Thatcher, Valkyrie, and more

Players can expect reworks throughout the year.

Image via Ubisoft

Year Seven of Rainbow Six Siege will introduce reworks to several operators throughout the year, adjusting their unique abilities to create a more balanced game. 

Siege has a massive roster of dozens of operators, each with a unique gadget or ability. Some operators are highly effective, while others could use an update. Year Seven is introducing multiple operator reworks, and fans can expect the changes to begin as early as February.

Goyo’s rework is coming in season one and will replace his Volcán Shield with the Volcán Canister, making it slightly easier for Attackers to deal with the device. The new canister can be placed on walls and floors and is still partially shielded. Players must shoot the device to detonate it, and the explosion is less powerful than before. The fire burns for a longer period, however, helping prevent enemies from entering an area. 

The Siege developers have also confirmed Valkyrie, Zero, Bandit, Dokkaebi, and Thatcher will be reworked in Year Seven. Valkyrie’s previously revealed camera reworks are coming at the beginning of the year, while the remaining reworks will be implemented throughout the rest of the year. 

Zero’s camera will no longer automatically pierce the surface, and players will activate it manually. Bandit can place several batteries on the same wall, and Dokkaebi’s ability will trigger the phones of eliminated players. The final rework involves Thatcher, and the devs confirmed it is a “huge rework.” 

Demon Veil, the first season in Year Seven, releases on Feb. 21.