When is Rainbow Six Siege’s new map Emerald Plain getting released?

The map is coming soon.

Screenshot via Ubisoft

The first season of Rainbow Six Siege Year Seven, Demon Veil, is giving fans a lot of exciting new content. Players can enjoy the new defender Azami at the start of the season, in addition to the new Team Deathmatch mode. But another significant update is coming later in the season: Emerald Plain

Emerald Plain is the first new map in three years and is located in Ireland on a large estate. This massive map takes place where the wealthy elites congregate to make back door deals away from the public. Each room is full of fancy and valuable decorations, and players will have multiple floors to explore. 

Fans will have to wait a little longer to play on Emerald Plain since it is releasing in the middle of the season. The Siege developers haven’t revealed an official release date, but it should be within the next few months. But the map will be available in the Test Server before it officially launches, meaning players can experience it a bit early. 

Another exciting feature is also being added to the Test Server this season: the R6Fix incentive program. Players who report any bugs that reach the “Under Investigation” status will receive a reward in the next season, adding a bonus to reporting issues. Bugs and glitches can ruin the game, so report any you encounter for a chance to get a reward. 

Demon Veil launches on Feb. 21, so log in and enjoy the new season while you wait for Emerald Plain.